Day of the Dead® Tequila The Spirit of the After Party

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Celebrate Life

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KAH® Tequila was designed to pay reverence and honor to Mexico and its people. Its bottle and spirit are reflective of Day of the Dead, the 3,000 year-old Meso-American ritual honoring deceased loved ones. KAHs unique packaging, in turn, is inspired by traditional Calaveras used in Dia de los Muertos rituals to symbolize death and rebirth. The word KAH translates to life in the ancient Mayan language. Every bottle is an individual, hand-crafted work of art, not two bottles are the same. While the bottle captures that enduring spirit, so does the tequila inside, as KAHs® distillers transform hand-selected 100% Blue agave into lively Blanco, Reposado and Anejo varieties that are both certifi ed organic and Kosher.

Organic & Kosher

We figure for spirits to truly live up to their name, they need to be produced in the right spirit, with respect for the Earth and the people who drink them. Our distillery continues to exceed the strict standards set by the Regulatory Council of Tequila (CRT), which verifies every step of the process from the agave fi elds to the bottled tequila. This exacting control has earned our tequila the distinction of being declared ORGANIC. To ensure purity and fl avor, the distilling process for our tequilas is KOSHER approved and certifi ed by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. We are proud to display the Kosher seal on every bottle to assure the highest natural quality of our superior products.